How to Get More Tasks On Adsy? Effective Strategies Explained

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How to Get More Tasks On Adsy

Guest blogging is a popular technique used by many newbies in the blogging world. As a guest blogger or buyer, it is tough to find a professional and experienced publisher and also a platform that suits your criteria. What would be so good if you got all these in the same place?

Adsy is a top-ranked platform where you find publishers and websites all in one place. If you want to start your journey as a top publisher, this platform could be an excellent choice for you. Both publisher and buyer amenities through this platform for many years.

Today, we discuss different key strategy points in this post to put your publishing journey on the right path so that you get a chance to be listed in the highly qualified publisher category.

How to Get More Tasks On Adsy? 10 Proven Methods to Follow

To reach the highest content marketing, Adsy is one of the guest blogging marketplaces where you can get desired websites where you find the best publisher and highly ranked websites to get more audience on your content. Following are the tips and tricks for publishers to get more tasks on Adsy.

1. Account Creation:

To start the publisher journey with this most efficient platform for guest posting, you have to create an account first. On Adsy, you can work with a single account at a time. Sign up with an active email account and create your account with your real name.

Screenshot from Adsy Contributor Status, June 2024

Note: For admin websites, you need to verify with a TXT file or Google Analytics. For Contributors/Authors must obtain approval.

2. Add High-Traffic Websites:

There are different hassle-free ways to add websites on Adsy. You can add one website, a list of websites, or upload a complete file with sites. Make sure you are adding websites that are in high demand and have high traffic as well because the buyer always wants to put their content on visible websites.

Recommended websites are those with quality traffic and satisfactory visibility on search engines. It is essential to add recommended websites to the website list. Add expert’s recommended websites.

4. Set Price:

Set low and easily acquire prices on websites. Adsy provides an opportunity to add your desired prices for content placement while adding your websites. For a startup, set a lower price than your competitors so that you can get more tasks. Revise your prices after some time according to website metrics or performance.

5. Admin Blogs:

Try hard to add Admin blogs. The admin website owner has more control over website data and performance, which means they have more accessibility than author websites. So always add an admin website for better results and performance. Also you don’t need to pass the moderation on admin blogs.

6. Improve Website Metrics:

Constantly work on your website and content to improve website traffic, and DR or DA metrics.  Try to increase your website traffic monthly basis. This will also increase your chances to get more tasks and build a good reputation for buyers.

7. Completion Rate:

Completion Rate
Screenshot from Adsy Completion Rate, June 2024

It is important to maintain your completion rate to put yourself in the attractive publisher category on Adsy. The completion rate refers to the number of tasks you are fulfilling as requested by the buyer. Different websites have different criteria for task completion rates. On Adsy, 80% are above, putting you in the verified publisher category. Work on the completion rate to maintain your verified and qualified publisher.

8. Task Rejection Impact:

When publishers do not respond to buyer requests, they think it will not affect the completion rate; however, this concept is totally wrong; it dramatically impacts the completion rate, and when the completion rate drops to 30%, then Adsy’s account will be restricted, instead of waiting for a task overdue. Respond with authentic and valuable reasons.

9. Security Deposit:

Screenshot from Adsy Security Deposit, June 2024

Security deposit means if the buyer does not get the work according to their wish, then you are ready to reimburse them. If their link is edited or deleted, then this policy will apply. The addition of a security deposit will make you attractive to buyers.

10. Account Rechecking:

Account activation and regular logging in are other key tricks you must follow to get more tasks on this website. Your status is visible to the buyer. The buyer can see when you have logged in, so you have to be regular and active. Every day, log in to your account at an early time of the day.


Adsy is one of the top platforms for marketers and publishers to achieve success and reach to real audience. This platform is equivalently dedicated to publishers and content creators. Buyers request services from publishers for their content placement on top websites. This post will help the publisher to work on key points to put their name in the verified category of publishers. Thanks for visiting.

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