Top Freelancing Websites for Beginners in Pakistan

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Top Freelancing Websites

In countries like Pakistan where unemployment and the economy are in worst condition job opportunities decreasing and the literacy rate is increasing yearly.  The only possible way to secure a future for youth is now remote work. After the coronavirus pandemic, the economy of the whole world was affected and it badly impacted employment.

The freelancing field reached its peak during the lockdown. According to statistics around 1.5 billion which is approximately 46.6 % of the workforce are self-employed. In Pakistan, more than 5 million people are in the freelancing field and this number is increasing yearly. To start your freelancing journey some platforms, provide a gateway to the freelancing marketplace where people sell their skills. Some of the top websites of freelancing in Pakistan we are going to discuss here.

Best 15 Freelancing Websites in Pakistan: Complete Review

Following are the details of freelancing platforms that are currently running in Pakistan and facilitating its users for many years. is the most popular freelancing website in Pakistan although this website is quite old as per information it was launched in 2010 by the Israeli company Fiverr. On this website seller sell their services and buyers purchase them according to a decided budget/offer. The minimum service charge is about $5. 

Over 500 categories of services are there and according to 2022 data, there are 100,000 services are offered in these different categories. The services offer by sellers through Gigs. Where the seller describes their ability and experience information about the specific service they are offering.


  • Delay in payments: As it takes seven or more than seven working days to clear payment.
  • Compatible Platform: you can run the Fiverr app on mobile available on the Google Play store.
  • High Competition: Because Fiverr is a wide marketing place so there is high competition to rank your Gig.
  • To Join Fiverr: There is no need to pay any registration fee it is totally free to get registered.
  • Considered: one of the most suitable platforms for beginners.


  • You can run only one account on a single device.
  • Need hard work to achieve success because of high competition.
  • Some spam buyers will be there so you have to be careful while dealing with clients.

2. Upwork: One of The Top Freelance Marketplace

Upwork is the second most used freelancing marketplace in Pakistan after Fiverr. This is an American company formed in 2013 and rebranded as Upwork in 2015. This is a working marketplace that is formed for independent professionals who want to build their freelancing careers on their own and enhance their income.

Just like Fiverr Upwork is also free to join a freelancing platform. You have to create your profile and post job proposals. In the job proposal, you have to mention charges for a particular job. Upwork charges 10% for each job. Freelancers can serve in many fields like graphic designing, human content writing, web development, marketing, and many more.


  • Free of cost to sign up on Upwork.
  • High-paid jobs can be searched on this platform.
  • Long-term projects found.


  • Client review matters. Positive reviews of clients really matter as experienced freelancers are priorities on this platform.
  • Upwork is the platform where highly qualified and experienced freelancers are preferred. It would be challenging for you to stand out as a professional on such a platform.

3. Best Place to Find and Hire Expert Freelancers

According to statistics, is the third-largest freelancing platform in Pakistan. over 143000 people in Pakistan using this platform to uplift their freelancing career. Guru among other platforms is also one of the popular websites this platform was founded in 1998.  On this website, freelancer search for a job and get commissioned for their services.

The criteria for working on Guru are quite different from other websites. On this website employees and freelancers both should create a profile of course there is no registration fee to join the platform. Freelancers sign up and apply for jobs with Quotes (A quote is a way to express interest and skills for particular jobs) quotes must have complete details like the payment method you prefer and the commission you will charge on a monthly, weekly, or per hour basis. Employees go through your quotes and contact you in case you fulfill their requirements. In this way, freelancers around the globe and employees come together and work on the same projects.


  • You can decide your commission (hourly, monthly, weekly, etc.)
  • Numerous payment methods supported.
  • Nominal fee 2.9% only.
  • Connect you with the best employee team around the world.


  • Charge a fee for making your bid higher.
  • Scams occur which is one of the weak points.
  • you cannot charge more than $10 per hour.

4. Best Place to Hire a Freelancer For Any Task headquarters is located in Sydney Australia. This platform was launched in 2009 240,000 Pakistanis are using and selling their service to the world thus it is listed in the top five freelancing websites in Pakistan.

It’s an easy-to-use website the clients on post different jobs and freelancers bid for those jobs’ clients visit view the bidding requests and choose who suits them better. Apart from that searching can be done based on experience, location, and language which eliminates barriers.


  • Great platform for newbies and easy to navigate.
  • Make conversation and communication easy with the on-page chat feature.
  • Diverse payment methods available including Paypal.


  • Lack of consistency and exclusivity as the same projects appear on the different hubs.
  • High rates of disputes between clients and freelancers because of low-quality work.

5. People Per Hour: Best Marketplace For Freelancers

People Per Hour, It was founded in 2007 in the UK. Over 2 million freelancers are registered on this platform around the globe. In Pakistan, although it is not as popular as Fiverr and Upwork a huge number of people use this platform for their remote jobs. This website connects businesses with service providers.

The working criteria and interface of the website are simple and friendly. Clients post different jobs and freelancers send them proposals. Freelancers can send up to 15 proposals per day. However, they can send more if they subscribe to a premium plan of People Per Hour.  When the job is done the freelancer gets paid instantly.


  • Instant payment policy.
  • Flexible platform for both client and freelancer.
  • Support PayPal and direct bank account transactions.


  • It is not a free platform premium plan that is available if you want to send more than 15 proposals per day.
  • High rates of charges from clients 15% and 3% from freelancers.

6. Design 99: The Global Creative Platform For Custom Graphic Design

The company was founded in 2008 in Melbourn Australia. Design 99 is a designing marketplace where graphic designer around the world come across to sell their skills to companies and businesses in different regions of the world. This platform is dedicated to designing the world. In Pakistan huge number of designer register on this platform and serve the world with their expertise.

Instead of submitting proposals or reviewing the portfolio of a designer clients and freelancers both directly interact with each other for a project, decide on a budget, and get paid. Clients can get quality design from 99 Design and communicate with hard-working designers.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Sign-up is free.
  • premium account for advanced features.


  • High premium account fee of up to $49.
  • Commission fee up to 20% higher than Fiverr and Upwork.
  • Pricing is the main downside.

7. TopTal: Hire Freelance Talent from the Top 3%

Toptal was founded in 2012. Unlike other platforms, this freelancing website has quite different criteria for freelancers. There are many niches available where people can serve companies across the world. Programming, designing, writing, and many other skills are offered by this platform. Getting registered on TopTal is not an easy job. To join this platform you have to clear several screening tests offered by TopTal. Toptal works with top freelancers according to statistics 200,000 people yearly apply on this website and Toptal chooses only 3% of them. It usually registers top Upwork freelancers.  This platform is created for highly qualified and premium freelancers.

The working methodology on this website is different from other freelancing websites where you submit proposals. On this platform, freelancers submit their complete portfolio including their experience and skill set if somehow you miss any information your application will be rejected so make sure you have provided complete information. When you hire on this platform companies around the world will contact you for projects and you will get paid a 20% employee salary as well. TopTal charges a 10% commission on each transaction.


  • Best platform for top freelancers.
  • Selective and highly skilled people are chosen.
  • Long-term clients can be found easily.


  • Short categories are there.
  • Dedicated to only premium freelancers.
  • Hard to become part of this platform( as you have to pass different screening tests).
  • Required deep details about skills.

8. Truelancer: Hire the Best Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online

Truelancer is among the top 10 freelancing websites in Pakistan. this website was launched in September 2014 and currently, more than 200,000 people are available to be hired for different jobs graphic designing, seo content writing, social media experts, marketing, and many more. Although it is an Indian-based marketplace and working in Pakistan also and numerous freelancers from Pakistan work on this platform and build their careers efficiently.

The sign-up process on Truelancer is free. Freelancers create their profiles with complete portfolios and descriptions. After that, they can bid on the projects by submitting proposals. Freelancers get paid per project. The commission rate on this website varies according to the level of freelancers the rate lies between 8 to 15%.


  • Great platform for newbies.
  • Secure transaction methods.
  • Free to join.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Lack of relevance old jobs are available.
  • Hard to find a new job.

9. Behance: Best Website for Creative Work

Behance is a worldwide freelancing website which was launched in 2005. According to some statistics, there are 50 million people around the globe use this website for earning. This website is a treat for professional and qualified graphic designers. The working mechanism is quite similar to Upwork however it is more focused on graphic designing whereas Upwork provides a variety of opportunities.

You can sign up for free on this platform after creating your profile with a complete portfolio you can bid on projects or you can also post projects according to your interest. If employers or clients like your bid they will approach you. The pricing can be decided by your own will whether you charge on an hourly basis or based on project completion.


  • Secure payment methods including PayPal and bank transactions.
  • Free trial available.
  • Set your price.


  • Limited services.
  • Worth for only artists.

10. ZipRecruiter: Find the Best Remote Jobs

ZipRecruiter was founded in 2010. The interface of the website is simple and handy. It works like a job search engine however later you can work on your niche. This website has 25 million active users monthly according to 2023 statistics.

ZipRecruiter is the best online job search engine. First, you can join this platform to search for jobs posted by different employees around the world. It connects business employees with skilled freelancers/service providers. This platform is equally efficient for employees and job seekers.


  • Use AI technology to reach out the capable skilled candidates.
  • Device compatible mobile app is available for easy access.
  • Wide range of job opportunities daily.


  • Complicated and transparent pricing model.
  • Not suitable for small businesses as they can post one job a day.
  • Job traffic depends on your budget.

11. Workana: Online Hub For Hiring Freelancers and IT Developers

Workana is an online earning Latin American platform that was founded in 2012. Over 1 Million people are serving on this platform.  Multiple services are found on this platform from IT & Programming, design and multimedia, sales and marketing writing and translation, etc. Freelancers from different regions of South Asia are part of this website and sell their services to the world.

Both freelancers and clients have to create their accounts while using this website. When a client posts a project, the freelancers bid on it. once the freelancer completes the project the client releases the payment and it is received in the Workana account. after that, the freelancers can choose their payment gateway to withdraw money. The commission is about 5% on each transaction.


  • Secure payment method.
  • Great marketplace for those who love to work with the Latin American market.
  •  Simple interface to navigate.


  • Limited payment gateway.
  • Limited service as compared to Fiverr and Upwork.

12. Textbroker: Buy or Sell Content Writing Service

Textbroker was the first content writing marketplace on the internet that was launched in 2007. This website is specifically launched for content writers. It aims to deliver high-quality unique content on any topic instantly. You can sign up for free on this platform. This platform is a great opportunity for content writers to get remote jobs. This website has been working in Pakistan for many years and considered as best website for content writers.

To get started with Textbroker you have to create an account on it by signing up for free. After that you have to fill out an author form for registration you will be asked grammar questions and a few career questions along with a writing sample. After that when you get registered you can apply for jobs posted on this website or search for your interest topic jobs and within 24 hours you will be informed that you are hired.


  • Easy to navigate.
  • Secure payment method.
  • Best platform for writers.


  • Limited service.
  • Takes a long time for a response.

13. SEOClerks: SEO Marketplace

SEOClerks is a marketplace for Seo and digital marketing experts. This platform is specially designed for seo services. with seo services, it also provides link building, graphic designing, content creation, and programming services.

To work on this website you have to create an account by signing up with a listing of your services and a complete description. Make sure you have mentioned all of your details along with tags and categories. While making registration on this website you have to choose a package as it offers different packages.  When you complete registration you will be updated with potential jobs of different companies around the world related to your interest. You can contact them by sending emails or directly communicating with them from pages like Upwork. The commission rate is up to 10% on each sale.


  • Secure and fast payments.
  • Track job reports.
  • Strong communication channels. ( on page, emails).


  • Low-quality seller work.
  • Spam may occur.

14. Contently: Leading Content Marketing Company is a great freelancing platform for content creators and writers. Over 16000,000 are active members on this platform around the globe. You can sign up for free on this website. Contently connect content writers with businesses, companies, and brands.

You can create a profile with a complete portfolio on this website including your experience. Contently offers different tools to facilitate sellers and buyers. The creator bids on the posted jobs with their experience level information and gets paid after project submission.


  • Free trial for newbies.
  • Offer different project tools.
  • Secure payment method.


  • Limited word projects.
  • Non- customizable

15. SimplyHired: The Best Job Search Engine

SimplyHired was launched in 2003 as an online job advertisement website where freelancers and employees from different regions of the world search for job opportunities and provide their services to businesses and companies.

You can create an account on simplyhired for free. After creating an account you can search for different jobs according to your need. Simplyhired is free for both job seekers and job posters. It will charge only when you want to access the contact information of an applicant. The best feature of this website is it provides job opportunities according to your respective location. However, freelancers can search for remote jobs across the world.


  • Free job post.
  • Receive email notification when an applicant applies for a post.
  • Free for unqualified applicants.


  • Opaque/unknown Pricing.
  • Not fit for professional-level positions

Bottom Line:

If you want to start your career as a freelancer or you are an expert in your skill set and you are searching for great platforms where you can cash your skills effectively and efficiently read all the above-mentioned platforms in this post along with their pros and cons. I hope this post will be useful for you. Thanks for visiting.

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