20 Best Guest Blogging Marketplaces to Buy/Sell Guest Posts

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Guest Blogging Marketplaces

If you have chosen blogging as your career and want to succeed in a short period of time, then it is not an easy job. It requires hard work and good strategies, like choosing the right keyword and writing error-free content. Similarly, you can also use the guest blogging marketplace to find the right placement for your article.

First, let me introduce what is “Guest Blogging”.

Guest blogging refers to sharing or posting your content along with your website link on top-rated websites with similar niches to yours. Guest blogging, which is commonly known as guest posting, is effective because it increases brand awareness, and you will get genuine traffic when you post your content on other sites. Numerous platforms are available that help you find your interest platform to post content. Some top platforms are mentioned below.

Top 20 Guest Posting Marketplace for Effective Outreach

The following is the list of top guest blogging websites that allow bloggers to impress the world with their writing skills.

1. Adsy:

Adsy is a top platform for selling and buying guest blogging services. It is a unique platform for creative people. Here, you can post your creative content and get paid or monetize your website using Adsy.

Several services are available for content creators on this platform. You can monetize your website with decent remuneration, content placement, and content creation. You can also get free and unique content for your website or platform. This will increase your website ranking in search engines and grow website traffic. Pricing is also affordable. Post your offer, and the owner will bid on creating content according to your desire and needs. Choose the best-priced website to post your sponsored content.


  • Increase brand awareness and effective response.
  • Quality backlinks from highly ranked sites.
  • Connect with the target audience.

Note: Join as a publisher or buyer, use this Adsy join link.

2. Collaborator:

Our second most popular platform for improving ranking and finding quality publishers is Collaborator. It acts like a bridge between PR marketers and SEOs looking for quality backlinks. The primary objective of this platform is to provide a trustworthy and quality partnership between writers and high-traffic websites, from which both parties benefit.

This platform not only provides a quality website on which to share or submit your guest post, but you can also get real traffic dynamics and audience data with thousands of Telegram channels for advertisement and promotion purposes.


  • Source of revenue.
  • High ranking.
  • Fast SEO results.
  • Real traffic.
  • Top position in search engine.

Note: Join as a publisher, use this Collaborator join link.

3. iCopify:

iCopify is another platform that is conducive to guest posting. It has a diverse range of niche categories. With different categories, this platform also provides over 32000 website databases to rank your platforms. Over 19000 writers are in the network, and thousands of tasks are completed to improve your website sales and SEO ranking.

With a vast database, once you select a website for your guest post, place your order with full details such as keywords, etc. You can also post your own written content, which will be referred to a top writer to check the quality of the content, along with plagiarism and grammatical mistakes. After that, your content will be published on your chosen website; you can track performance as iCopify provides a live link for performance tracking.

Pricing is mentioned on the official website of iCopify the best thing about this platform is to pay only when you are delighted with the quality of work. Pricing starts at just $4.99.


  • Provide extensive network access.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Seamless collaborative tools.

Note: Join as a publisher or buyer, use this iCopify registration link.

4. Accessily:

Accessily is a leading platform that aims to boost business visibility and make your platform stand out among competitive and crowded platforms. It is one of the most trustworthy and efficient websites for selling and buying guest posting. The efficiency of this platform is evident from their work experience with famous brands.

This platform offers a variety of niches and gives you the best experience and quality work opportunities. You can choose high-quality websites and communicate directly with publishers. You can hire content creators or publish your own written content. This website has a secure transaction system with a money-back guarantee feature, scalable results, and ease of management.


  • Secure transactions.
  • Scale results.
  • Easy to operate and manage.
  • Trusted by popular brands.

Note: Follow the link to join Accessily as a publisher or buyer.

5. GuestPostNow:

GuestPostNow is a marketplace where you can buy and sell guest posting services. This platform works professionally, and if you are unsatisfied with the work, you can refund your money anytime. It has a variety of different high-quality domain websites and guest post offers.

This website offers multiple opportunities to users. For example, if you want to buy or sell guest posts, you can use this platform, which provides the best post price. Similarly, if you require high-quality content for your website, then you can also buy articles on different niches from this website. Besides, it is a super SEO-boosting platform that ranks your content high in search engines. In short, you can grow real website traffic from this platform.


  • Backlinks from high DA websites.
  • Secure and fast payouts.
  • Control over price and affordable.
  • Grow website traffic.

6. GuestPosts.Biz:

GuestPosts,biz is a marketplace that improves website visibility by driving quality and natural traffic to your website. The objective and mission of this platform is to help you by providing visibility to your brand when we talk about organic search. It develops backlinks from high-quality and best-ranking websites and generates real and sustainable traffic on your website. The content created through this website is unique and always written by professionals and quality bloggers.


  • Generate quality and sustainable traffic.
  • Link builder.
  • User-friendly interface.

7: Natvisor:

Natvisor is your brand booster platform that works with high-quality websites worldwide. This platform will ensure your brand visibility on press media around the world. It offers a wide array of different categories and brand recognition in around 44 countries worldwide.

It provides communication channels with top bloggers and websites to promote your brand. It has numerous benefits, like boosting brand awareness, ranking your website, and improving traffic through SEO. You can also control your online reputation and classify media that suit your brand well.


  • Work with influential media worldwide.
  • maximum countries reach.
  • Improve brand awareness and SEO ranking.

Note: Follow the link to join Natvisor as a publisher or buyer.

8. PressWhizz:

Presswhizz platform aims to provide you with quality content if you want for your website and help you to monetize your website to grow your business along with improved SEO ranking. This platform has an experienced team with more than 12 years of experience.

The website is easy to use. With three clicks, you can buy whatever you want to buy from it. This website publishes articles on more than 37000 websites around 20 countries. The working mechanism of this platform is simple and straightforward: log into your account and search for the right website from the marketplace, as it has a large number of websites. After searching sites, choose a website that suits your criteria and check its offers. Once you have done all the tasks, it’s time to submit your content. You can upload your own or request a team of creators to write quality content for you. After that, finalize your work and process it for checkout. When your content goes live, you will get a notification.


  • Quality content generated.
  • Supportive team.
  • Suggestions and strategies from experts.
  • Affordable and secure payment gateway.

Note: Join as a seller or buyer, use this Presswhizz signup link.

9. Outreachz:

Outreachz is one of the largest marketplaces for guest posting. Bloggers place their content on high-ranked websites. This website does all the tedious tasks related to guest posting and provides genuine backlinks, which means you don’t need to communicate or search for publishers every day. This job will be done by Outreachz.

Outreachz works but with high-quality work insurance. This platform’s best feature is its 12-month guarantee, which means your link will be live for 12 months; otherwise, you will get a free replacement.


  • Huge marketplace for bloggers and publishers.
  • Easy to use and flexible.
  • Quick supportive team.
  • Managed campaign for you.

Note: Join as a publisher, use this Outreachz registration form.

10. Fiverr:

Fiverr is one of the top freelancing websites, serving as a startup marketplace for freelancers around the globe. With other services, this platform is an excellent marketplace for guest blogs. Freelancers or agencies create gigs to offer services where clients post their requirements. You can avail yourself of the best writing service along with SEO ranking for brand recognition.


  • A variety of projects can be found.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Highly skilled freelancers offer services.

11. Upwork:

Upwork is a leading and popular freelancing platform where freelancers can offer numerous services. With countless other services, this platform also offers guest posting services. Where you can bid on projects and choose the best guest posting service that suits your niche, and you will get a quality audience and ranking. It’s a highly competitive platform.


  • Bigger platform than Fiverr.
  • Bidding on different projects is available.

12. SEO Clerk:

SEO Clerk is a marketplace where you can find many services, including guest posting. This website has similarities with Fiverr and Upwork, but slightly, it is more emphasized and dedicated towards SEO-related tasks.

You will find highly qualified and trusted freelancers who provide SEO and guest post services. The payment gateway is secure. Make sure the service provider you choose is entirely familiar with your niche.


  • Qualified and skilled services are available.
  • Improve online visibility.
  • Focus on SEO ranking.

13. OutreachMama:

OutreachMama is an online agency that provides high-quality backlinks, SEO services, and guest posting. With the help of this platform, you can place your content on platforms that suit your brand. This platform has an experienced team of writers and editors who can create creative and unique content for you and place it securely on authoritative and well-ranked sites.


  • Build brand awareness.
  • Grow a real audience for your sites.
  • Improve SEO ranking.
  • Enhance revenue.

Link Publisher is a rapidly growing link-building and guest posting marketplace. This suitable platform offers content placement on high-domain authority websites. With the help of this, you can achieve real traffic and reach an audience that strengthens your authority. This website has 74000 websites and 10,000 publishers.


  • Offer guest blogging on high DA websites.
  • Reach to high-ranked and authoritative websites.
  • Large number of websites are available for guest blogging.

15. BuySellGuestPost:

This online platform is meant to enhance your brand awareness or online content visibility. Businesses can use this platform to reach a real audience by posting their content on relevant and leading platforms.

Popular sites like Forbes, HuffPost, Digg, etc., are available to post your content on these websites. It is also beneficial for content writers to write articles and get paid through a secure payment gateway. Pricing is also affordable, starting with just $5. You can set the price for guest posting on your own.


  • Effective for writers and bloggers both.
  • Safe and fast transaction.
  • Trusted by popular sites.
  • More than 2500 websites for guest posting are available.
  • 24/7 supportive team.

16. GuestCrew:

Guestcrew is a social media platform for bloggers where bloggers and writers connect with each other and post impressive content. The registration is free of cost. guest bloggers sign up and post their blogs on various authoritative sites of the same niches.


  • Increase your website’s credibility and value.
  • Valuable backlinks generator.
  • High-quality SEO website for guest posting.
  • Quality traffic generator.

Blog/Link Management are online service providers that have an accumulation of publishers that connect with bloggers. These platforms help publishers and bloggers to enhance their online visibility by boosting their content on different websites. These platforms have built a healthy and trustworthy relationship with their customers through their experience and creative team.

Basically, there are two different platforms, one is Blog Management and 2nd is Link Management.


  • Continuous revenue.
  • Safe and timely payout.
  • High-quality SEO content surety.
  • Provide instant support.

18. Linkable:

Linkable is an SEO and guest posting marketplace where you can enhance your visibility and get the best position in search results. The content shared through this platform will always be according to SEO standards and it also ensures content sharing on reputable sites.


  • Unlock access to popular sites.
  • Improve SEO ranking.
  • Grow PR and brand awareness.
  • Save time and energy.
  • Reach a new and real audience.

19. BloggerLinkup:

This platform justifies its name as it connects bloggers and writers who can write guest posts for their websites. With connectivity, it also provides highly authoritative site details and data to generate backlinks and real traffic on your website.


  • Variety of niche websites available.
  • Strong communication channel.
  • Secure payment gateway.

20. Crwodo:

Crwodo is a link builder website that helps to boost Google ranking and you become the no 1 player in your field. Guest posting is considered a game changer for online visibility or brand promotion. Posting blogs on popular sites boosts your spot on top of the search results. You can participate in niche-relevant live discussions.


  • Different pricing packages are available.
  • One-year guarantee.
  • Organic and real backlinks.
  • Popular and active forum.

Bottom Line:

This post will guide you about the leading marketplace for guest posting. All these marketplaces are extremely efficient and provide high-quality services that help you improve your online visibility and boost your website. Thanks for visiting.

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