How to Get More Tasks on iCopify? Expert Tips and Advice

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How to Get More Tasks on iCopify

Guest posting is the best choice to reach a new audience, expose your brand, and build relationships with others in your industry or niche. If we talk about whether guest blogging is worth it, buying guest posts is the best way, especially when you are invisible. To get better visibility and reach an actual audience, this technique will be a game changer for you.

However, guest blogging is not the only solution; choosing the right placement and creative content is also crucial. There are certain platforms where thousands of publishers and websites are listed for guest posting or guest post service providers.

iCopify is one of the top guest blogging marketplaces where you can find a top publisher who offers marvelous services to their clients. But starting a publishing career with such a platform where there is high competition and top publishers are also in huge numbers is not an easy task. To achieve success on this highly professional platform, we discuss some key points here so that you will get more tasks.

How to Get More Tasks on iCopify? 10 Proven Techniques for Success

To begin your journey as a guest post service provider on iCopify and to achieve success, follow these below-mentioned points.

1. Sign-Up with A Real Name:

The first thing you have to do is sign up for this platform. Ensure you are above sixteen years old, as this platform is age-restricted, and you must be above sixteen. Create an account with a real name, which will build a trustworthy relationship between buyer and seller.

2. Add High-Traffic Sites:

The reason behind guest posting is people want to get visibility on the front page of search engines; that’s why they spend money to buy guest posts on high-traffic sites so that they will get maximum clicks. So, it is essential to add high-traffic websites so that you can get more orders.

This platform supports 37872 websites for blog posts or guest posting. When you visit on buyer page, you will see all the top websites mentioned on their page, and now, you can notice the first and 2nd-page websites. So try to add recommended websites, as these websites are suggested by the creative team, which is highly qualified and experienced. This way, there is a high chance to get more orders.

4. Cover All Niches:

With high-traffic and recommended websites, ensure you have added top and all niche sites. A number of niches are available, and people around the world write content on different niches. It is also important for guest posting that posts show on related websites.

5. Pricing:

Pricing is the most important and key point, so you have to do some research and consider some aspects while deciding the price. As a beginner, you have to set a low price with a minute profit. Also, visit and observe the competitor’s pricing strategy. Try to manage pricing for high-DA/DR websites at a low level. You can add a minimum price of $5 for the author blog and $1.25 for the admin blog.

6. Try to Add Admin Websites:

There are two kinds of blogs: author and admin. The author’s blog has comparatively fewer privileges than the admin blog. Admin websites have more access to complete website data, etc. Apart from that, admin websites are cheaper to add on iCopify, as mentioned above. So, always try to add admin websites.

Note: After verification, you can set a price for link insertion that can increase your tasks.

7. Response Time:

You must be quick with any queries clients have; if clients want to discuss some issues or the post is not according to their wish, then you must resolve problems and reply immediately. It will strengthen buyer-seller relations, and you will have a good impact on clients as well.

8. Task Completion Rate:

To take a placement in the top publisher list on iCopify, it is important to complete tasks on time. Task delivery and execution are calculated using metrics from 1 to 100%. Maintaining a high completion task rate boosts confidence in buyers. On this platform, a 75% task completion rate and keeping it for the long term will place you on the top publisher list.

9. Manage Task Rejection Rate:

Task rejection does not impact task matric when it is rejected by the buyer itself or when you provide some critical and legitimate reason, such as the platform not matching the client content niche or criteria. However, if you provide useless reasons, then it will impact your completion rate.

10. Sign-in Regularly:

Open and sign in to your account on a regular basis. Usually, you must visit your profile and sign in to your account at the start of the day. Your current status will be visible to the client, so whenever the client visits your account, your last active status is important so that you will get more tasks.

Bottom Line:

This post will lead you to successfully getting orders as a publisher on the iCopify platform. All these instructions mentioned in this post are beneficial for newbies to get placement in the top publisher list. I hope all the information provided in this article will be helpful for you. Thanks for visiting.

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