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12 Best Social Media Interaction Posts in 2023

by ReviewsValue

Are you on Social media? If yes, having an account is not enough – you need to engage with your audience to build relationships and community actively.

Social media interaction posts are among the best ways to drive engagement. These posts encourage your followers to like, comment, share, and interact with your content.

The more they engage, the further your post will spread on social media. Interaction posts allow you to start meaningful conversations, crowdsource ideas, run contests, collect feedback, and more.

What is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is any digital content that encourages participation and engagement from the audience. Unlike static content, interactive content allows the consumer to do something – click, comment, share, vote, and more.

This content grabs attention and helps build relationships between brands and users.

Let’s explore some of the top social media interaction post ideas you can start using right away:

1. Ask Questions

Questions are a simple way to spark engagement. Pose an intriguing question about your industry or brand, and invite followers to share their thoughts in the comments. Questions that work well are open-ended, creative, fun, or tied to trending topics.

For example:

  • What’s your favorite way to enjoy [your product/service]?
  • What would you choose if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life?
  • What’s the most underrated vacation destination?

2. Polls/Surveys

Run quick polls or surveys to get audience feedback. Social media polling features make this easy to do directly within platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn Stories.

Outside of built-in tools, you can use free poll apps to embed surveys in your regular feed posts.

Poll your audience to find out:

  • Their favorite products/features
  • What content do they want to see more of
  • Their top challenges/pain points
  • What times they are most active on social media

3. Caption Contests

Share an image and ask followers to create creative or funny captions in the comments. The sillier the photo, the better. You can even offer a prize for the best caption to incentivize engagement.

For Example:

  • Post a silly photo of your mascot making a funny face. Ask followers to caption it.
  • Share an awkward stock photo related to your industry. See who can come up with the most hilarious caption.
  • Find a meme or gif relevant to your brand. Challenge followers to caption it cleverly.

4. Fill-In-The-Blank

Leave a partial sentence for your followers to complete:

The best thing about [our product] is ____________.

I wish [brand] would start selling ____________.

5. Would You Rather?

Give followers two options and have them choose which they prefer. Would you rather questions be a fun way to learn more about your audience’s tastes?

Would you rather:

  • Take a beach vacation or a tour of Europe?
  • Eat pizza or pasta for the rest of your life?
  • Get up early or stay up late?

6. Share Your Stories

Invite your audience to share their own experiences. This could be stories related to your brand, their career journeys, inspirational anecdotes, or lighthearted personal stories.

For example:

  • Share a photo from the worst fashion trend you participated in.
  • Tell us about your first job.
  • What’s the most fantastic place you’ve ever traveled to?

7. Spot the Difference

Post two similar images with slight differences and ask people to discover what’s changed between them. The tricky, mini-game-like format makes this an engaging post style.

8. Trivia

Test your audience’s knowledge with interesting trivia questions about your niche. They’ll enjoy showing off what they know, and you can sprinkle in some info about your products/services within the trivia.

9. Continue the Lyrics

Pick a popular song and post the first few lyrics, allowing people to continue the lyrics in the comments. This is especially effective for brands with a young target audience.

10. Behind the Scenes

Give followers a sneak peek behind the scenes of your business – in the office, at an event, working on a new product, etc. Authentic behind-the-scenes images or videos make for great interaction posts, as people are curious to see what goes on behind closed doors.

11. User Generated Content

Repost great photos, videos, or stories users have tagged or shared about your brand. This shows you appreciate your customers and encourages more social media content.

For Example:

  • Share fun TikTok videos featuring your product made by users.
  • Ask followers to send in photos of themselves traveling with your product. Regram the best ones.
  • Reshare positive reviews, testimonials, or feedback about your product submitted by customers.

12. Takeovers

Invite employees, influencers, or loyal customers to “take over” your account for a day. They’ll love being in the spotlight and showing their perspective. It’s a fun way to build connections with your audience.

Remember these ideas the next time you want to stir up some engagement on social media. Remember, consistency is key – aim to publish high-quality interaction posts regularly.

Listen to feedback and continue tailoring your content to match what resonates best with your audience.

You can increase follows, leads, sales, and brand loyalty over time with thoughtful social media interaction posts that provide value and entertainment. Don’t let your accounts go stagnant – start conversations and engage with your followers.

Final Thoughts

Social media interaction is all about making connections. With consistent, thoughtful engagement, you can build lasting relationships with your followers – ultimately leading to business growth.

Try out some of these post ideas, listen to feedback, and keep the conversations flowing across all your social channels. Your community will thank you for it!

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